Friday, May 25, 2012

Implement shopping

During my lunch break, I went shopping to see what selection of bathbrushes they had... I ended up buying a small rounded bamboo hairbrush, and a heavy wooden bathbrush. I was blushing the whole time. Why? No one (who isn't a spanko) would see anything strange about this! I was about to buy a wooden spoon also, and was starting to venture into the men's belt section, but thought that might be pushing it lol.

Since T broke my other one, I thought this purchase was necessary! I'm noticing that hairbrushes with a square, paddle shape have a thudding quality to it, I guess because of the cushioned part of the bristles on the other side. The slightly smaller, but rounded hairbrush might be more stingy.

The bathbrush I bought on a whim. It's flat and heavy on the end, and circular in shape. It'll probably bruise me. Oh well.


  1. You bought a bath brush of your own volition? What? Are you sure you're alright? Have you checked your tongue for that weird whiteness they say means you're getting sick? Have you been sneezing? Maybe you need to rethink this? All I can really say is good're going to need it. ;)

  2. I know! I'm trying not to think about it that much lol. I don't even want to try it on myself!